Why is it a good idea to change?


When you start any business it’s common knowledge you should have a business plan. Writing a business plan means you will review your whole business, from the ground up. It’s important because as the business owner, you above anyone else should know and understand what your business stands for.


This is often the stage that a business sorts out it’s wardrobe, it’s visual identity and if it’s done right the visual identity and the business plan work together seamlessly.


Then you add time. The business develops, changes, adapts to everything time throws at it. How many businesses go back over and adapt that business plan? How many look at their wardrobe other than to maybe spruce up their logo every few years?


Working with a marketing agency on a branding project recently, it reminded us that we had fallen foul of time too and we hadn’t looked at our visual identity or business plan enough. Broken Antler has become a different beast from when it started out and although our identity had changed and adapted over the years, it had all been work on the surface. We hadn’t really dug down deep and asked those really difficult questions about why we’re in business.


The most difficult question of all… WHY?

Why do we do, what we do?

“Easy, because we love it…”

Very good, but why?


Why, do we love to do what we do? It’s a tough question if you really think about it. It’s easy to identify the bits about business we hate, chasing invoices for example! But once you have answered that question “Why do you love doing what you do?” you should look at your plan and branding and, well, everything and ask yourself: “Does this represent us?”

x-ray-02This is exactly what we did after making our ‘An Effing Decade’ film. A film that started out as us, reminiscing over what we’d done over the past 10 years of Broken Antler and what we realised was; apart from drinking a lot more tea and coffee than we probably should have, we’d changed and grown and although we knew this, we hadn’t taken time to ask why?


Well we have now, and it feels good. It feels like we’ve been on some sort of spiritual safari and bumped into ourselves. We have a new wardrobe, a new logo, a new website and a new reel, some of it might feel familiar, but that’s because we’re still Broken Antler however some of it will feel new and we’re excited by this, we even made our very own brand guidelines.


We’ve always been against creating our own brand guidelines because we’re often at the mercy of them in the films we make for our clients and we saw these as constraints to creative freedom, but a very good marketing friend pointed out to us that it’s all a matter of perspective. Once you have made the creative decisions on how your business should look it’s easy to sort out the little things like email signatures and invoice templates (the boring stuff) and then this leaves time to be more creative for the important stuff.


And that makes sense. So ask yourself why you love what you do? It’s hard to answer properly but the answer is everything and then look at your business and see if it’s wardrobe reflects who you really are.


We’re happy to have a chat if you’d like to know more about what we did and how we developed our new look and if you need help in your business or with your clients. Just give us a shout.
And if the answer is you don’t love what you do… Then ask yourself this: Why are you then still doing it?

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