It’s been a long term goal of Broken Antler’s to create original content from our studio and although the company has been running since 2005, this is our first short film. Well, technically our second. Our simple short “The Quest” was a personal project that needed to be made. It was a statement for us and the start of us building up a portfolio of original content. It was a film to mark our journey and our quest.

So on to ‘La Merde’. A short comedy about first impressions. It’s a simple story based on a true event. The idea for the film has been around for some time. The script was written four years ago and several producers have been attached to try and help bring it to fruition. However, for different reasons the film failed to get made. 

Last year, Broken Antler designed and created titles and FX for the wonderfully macabre comedy Feature Film, ‘Nina Forever’ by Chris and Ben Blaine. The Blaine brother’s have been friends of the studio for many years and we’ve worked together on a variety of different projects for the BBC. It was an honour to have been chosen to craft the titles for their film. Speaking with them on how their film came to be, it was clear to us that the only way our films were going to be made was to make them ourselves. We just needed to bite the bullet and put our money where our mouth was.  So this year has been a very important year for Broken Antler.

We’ve seen Broken Antler progress and part of this progression is the commitment to make at least one short film a year. Our first film is ‘La Merde’. 

Production started back in February when we started to assemble a team. We spoke with Flavour Films and they agreed to join in the fun and help co-produce the film.

We had a script already, so we embarked on creating a storyboard and enlisted the help of a Belinda Norcliffe Casting to help us find our actress. Our chosen actress Eva-Jane was a perfect fit. She empathised with the character and clearly understood how we wanted to shape this film.


So, with our team in place and the perfect location sourced, on 15th August on a blazing hot sunny day in London, we began our shoot.

We had a few challenges to overcome; We were shooting in a penthouse with huge floor to ceiling windows. On a hot sunny day with the windows closed and air conditioning off due to sound restraints and a couple of HMI 18 lights, we all felt the very stifling greenhouse effect! The shooting schedule was highly demanding, we lost power, computer drives (due to the heat!) and a light but the team remained positive and focused throughout and we wrapped with the knowledge that we’d managed to capture everything we needed.

Eva-Jane is a star in the making. She delivered a fantastic performance on cue time after time. Jeremy Hewson was a legend behind the camera, who instinctively knew how to get the best shot even when time was rapidly against us. The whole team were amazing and we couldn’t be prouder of what we did.

Now the scary part, the post production… 

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