Nina Forever

Project: Nina Forever

Client: Blaine Brothers

Synopsis: Title Design for feature film Nina Forever

Brief: The Blaine’s had a very clear idea what they wanted to achieve with the titles. They wanted the titles to leave an afterimage on the audience’s eyes as the film is about leaving impressions. They also wanted the letterpress to be involved too, as this was a visual metaphor in the film.

Treatment: Working with the brief in mind we played around with using lights through cutouts of the credits and playing with them digitally. At the same time we worked with the actual letterpress from the film to see if we could create an impression from these that would work within the titles. The effect was interesting but it didn’t have the desired effect. We then mimicked the way the eye saw the afterimage but Chris and Ben were convinced that in a dark cinema the afterimage could be achieved naturally (and they were right). So we set about working on the best way to achieve this and developed the final titles by recreating the impression of the text in 3D as if the letterpress was being pushed against the cinema screen itself. By keeping this dark, the viewer iris of their eye opened wider and then we had the letters push through to pure white and then the whole screen inverted which left an afterimage of that credit.

Testimonial: Broken Antler were brilliant at exploring the idea of imprinting the credits of our award-winning feature film Nina Forever into the eyeballs of the viewer, as if they had been letter-pressed out of the screen. Exploring both physical textures, 3D and 2D animation, they created something that perfectly sets the mood for the film, leaving the audience blinking , the lead actors’ names forever burned into their brains.

Design Stills