Wake Up!

Project: The Great Wake Up!

Client: Chris Barez-Brown / Upping Your Elvis

Agency: Knot Pr

Synopsis: To create an animated film to promote the launch of the the Wake Up! Book and app.

Brief: To produce a film that introduces the new book and app Wake Up! by TED Speaker, Author and Business Thinker Chris Barez-Brown. Chris wanted an animated film that connected with open-minded people in an emotion way.

Treatment: We went through a number of script ideas with the initial approach to be a collection of motion graphic illustration to describe the contents of the book. However this felt to unemotional and everyone felt that the film need to connect with people and everyday life, exactly as the book has. We worked on more scripts with Chris and then started storyboarding a version of the film but once we hit the animatic stage we realised that the film opening wasn’t working and wasn’t fully revealing the positive nature of the book. So we went back to the script and started a new idea building on the fundamentals of the book and working around a central animated character who represents us. Chris wanted to voice the film to add that personal touch he’s brought to the book. We then brought the character’s to life building a rich colour to the film to illustrate the vibrant world we live it.

Testimonial: I am absolutely delighted with the output that Broken Antler have produced. It’s not just the film that’s great, but the whole process.  I and my team at Upping Your Elvis, teach the biggest and the best companies in the world how to collaborate creatively and as a man who is tuned into what works and what doesn’t, I found Ben an absolute joy to work with.

He is fast, punchy, human, insightful and is super happy to roll up his sleeves and try stuff out numerous times in the pursuit of genius.  Am smitten

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