Xerox 'What's Next'

Project: What’s Next

Client: Xerox

Agency: Mother Brown Films

Synopsis: Working closely with Mother Brown Films on creating these films graphic assets, sequences and titles for the ‘What’s Next’, ‘Drupa’ and ‘Product Overview’ films

Brief: The ‘What’s Next’ series is a series of films about what the future for print within these subjects areas: photos, books, packaging, personalisation and MSP. These films need graphics and titles with a futuristic visual look to accompany the footage. The product overview films require animated graphics to help illustrate some of the key aspects of the products being showcased and Drupa was the huge event Xerox were involved with.

Treatment: Our first look was at how Sci-Fi films illustrate the future with their computer interfaces. We looked at films like ‘Total Recall (2012)’, ‘Oblivion’ and tv show ‘Person Of Interest’ for inspiration in how graphic information was displayed and revealed. We had to tone down our execution of these graphics slightly as the main point to these graphics was to communicate information that the audience needs to be able to read. We were also inspired by the huge LED screen that was used by Xerox at the Drupa event.

Design Stills