Living on autopilot?

Think about your journey into work today. If you drove, how much of the journey do you remember? If you were on a bus or the train, who were you sat next to or sat opposite? What did they look/sound/smell like? What was the seat like? Did it feel comfortable? What signs could you see? What did you see out of the window? The chances are that you arrived at your destination on autopilot, not really taking in your surroundings not ‘living in the moment’. Our lives are so busy and demanding that we often don’t have time to live in the present, we are too consumed in our endless to-do list, stressing about what needs to be done or worried about moments gone by/ the past.


We were asked to create an animated video to introduce TED speaker and author Chris Barez-Brown’s new book and app ‘Wake Up!’ – A series of human, playful experiments designed to help us escape our autopilot.

The initial idea started as a film built up of motion graphic sequences to illustrate the different experiments, but after speaking with Chris we realised the film needed to be more human and more about the emotion in the book. So we changed the script and set about designing a new film around a central character having a bad day. However, in the animatic stage we realised we hadn’t got the tone quite right and so went back to the script and the storyboard and decided that as a team we should try some of the playful experiments in the book. So each of us picked an experiment and over the next few days all participated. It really helped us to understand more about what the book is about and helped us develop the film you see now.

So what did Chris think of his finished film? “I am absolutely delighted with the output that Broken Antler have produced. It’s not just the film that’s great, but the whole process.  I and my team at Upping Your Elvis, teach the biggest and the best companies in the world how to collaborate creatively and as a man who is tuned into what works and what doesn’t, I found Ben an absolute joy to work with.”

So it looks like we all had fun making this film. If you have a book or app you want to shout about then give us a call.

The Wake Up! App is available today and the Book itself will be available in December.

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